Ana Maria Raynes

Based on education she’s gained across the globe, Ana has a unique talent for following social trends and introducing new online marketing concepts After studying at the London College of Fashion, her creativity and energy led her to an executive position in the internet fashion startup Smart Is Cool. There, Ana was responsible for social media and information technology. As a leader within this innovative company, she was featured in Glamour Magazine, had multiple appearances on FOX Strategy Room, and toured the east coast as a motivational speaker for girls, alongside the nonprofit Girl’s Take Charge. Following her position with Smart Is Cool, she has worked in the social media field with agencies in both the New York and Boston, leading social media campaigns for clients such as HSN, Wendy Williams, Football Legend Carl Banks, iHip for Snooki,  SkyMall and more.

Currently, Ana holds a position as the director of social media at Didit. Her role includes strategic planning for clients’ social media campaigns, content marketing and developing blogger. As a thought leader in her field Ana has been invited to speak at conferences such as PPC HERO, NY Small Business Expo, NY EXPO, Long Island Philanthropy Day, TEC Lite and Vistage on behalf of Didit around the subjects of Social Media and content marketing. Most recently Ana received the Iconic Social Media Award from PR News and was featured in a three part series Money Market series on FIOS.


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