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ISCO Team Overview

Behind the scenes of the Iron Skillet® cook off, professionals from New York and across the country are lending their experience and expertise to make the event a success. Bringing the 2016 Iron Skillet Cook Off® to life is a labor of love and World Cares Center would like to introduce our team of hard working volunteers:

Management & Planning Team

Lisa Orloff : Iron Skillet® Cook Off Team leader
John Sierp: Event Day Manager
David Rosas: Operations Manager
Brenda Brathwaite: Finance
Reggie Warren: Event Planning

Marketing Team

Carla Anderson: Copywriting & Marketing
Stacey Ketcham: Graphic Artist
Adriana Negulescu: Marketing
Liz O’Neil: Marketing
Deborah Mc Aleer: Video Scripting & Writing
Shefali Mehta: Social Media

Sponsor Support Team

Jessica Berg: Sponsorship Support
Kaitie Lynch: Brooklyn Brewery
Brian Mieth: Sponsorship Development
Eric Ottaway: Brooklyn Brewery and Innovator
Ira Spiegel: Sponsorship Support


Thomas Huff – Celebrity Judge
Sukanya Krishnan – Celebrity Judge
Valerie Smaldone – Celebrity Judge and Co- MC


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