On December 10th and 11th a strong storm system swept the southern United States causing wide spread death and destruction HELP US SUPPORT Warm Hearts and Toes for Tornado Survivors in Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri and Kentucky HERE

Past Disaster Response

World Cares Center has responded to disasters across
the five boroughs and around the globe.

COVID-19- 2020……

Within days of COVID-19 becoming a Pandemic World Cares Center developed and launched four new COVID-19 trainings in English and in Spanish. We began distributing the N95 Respirators we had to front line responders including Nurses, Doctors, Firefights and Volunteers and then purchased additional PPE to ensure we could continue to keep responders safe until government stockpiles were filled. We continue to distribute PPE, Train and hold roundtables so that everyone can access resources.

Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico – 2017

In response to Hurricane Maria and upon the request of Departamento de Salud de Puerto Rico (the Puerto Rico Department of Health), WCC immediately deployed to provide guidance and senior management in setting up the public health response for volunteers coordination/reception centers (VRC) across the island.

A VRC is a hub where volunteers of all kinds are registered, trained, and matched with agencies in need as well as deployed in teams directly from the VRC to serve the community. During our initial deployment, WCC coordinated with partners including Universidad Metropolitana (UMET), and IMPACTIVO.

WCC has also provided training to volunteer groups in the tristate area who are deploying to the impacted territories. The training focused on safe and effective flood response, and all participating trainees have been given personal protective equipment to remain safe in their efforts.

Hurricane Harvey – 2017

Deploying to Texas as part of the NIEHS-affiliated New York/New Jersey Hazardous Waste Worker Training Program Harvey Response team, to deliver hazard identification and disaster response training to VOAD members and faith-based groups in Rockport, Refugio, and Bellaire.

Superstorm Sandy – 2012

World Cares Center, well prepared due to its Hurricane Irene response, opened three volunteer reception centers in Brooklyn, Far Rockaway, and Staten Island managing spontaneous volunteers who mucked and gutted over 500 homes preparing them for a rebuild. WCC also trained over 1700 volunteers in Flood Safety and Response.

Hurricane Irene – 2011

WCC led the coordination of volunteer groups providing muck and gut services across New Jersey. Working with NJ211, New Jersey State Police, NJ VOAD, and dozens of volunteer groups WCC managed over 1200 requests for support. This response led to the development of World Cares Centers Flood Response Training co-developed with the Southern Baptists Response Team.

New York City Earthquake

Though little damage occurred, this event was reminiscent of the 9-11-2001 attacks. Building managers had not prepared for an earthquake and mixed messages added to the fear. WCC quickly responded by launching earthquake safety training for facility managers.

Aftermath of 9/11

The work behind World Cares Center emerged during this time when the September Space Community Resilience Center was set up to serve as a healing space for volunteers and emergency responders.

Hurricane Katrina – 2005

In concert with the University of New Orleans and FEMA, World Cares Center assisted in local volunteer management and the development of Welcome Home Centers.

The NYC Blackout – 2003

World Cares Center transformed the September Space Community Resilience Center into a temporary shelter and call center for stranded individuals in the NYC area.