The WCC Team

Lisa Orloff

Founder and President



Pet Preparedness Manager

David Rosas

WCC Trainer

Steven Ayling

WCC Trainer

Steve Landfield

WCC Trainer

Hilary Wilder
World Cares Center |Disaster Volunteerism Academy
Instructional Technology Specialist

Hilary is an instructional technology specialist with over 35 years of experience and a doctorate in Instructional Technology from Teachers College Columbia University. She has worked in the corporate/non-profit sector, designing, and developing multimedia and online training, as well as in the educational sector where she developed and taught undergraduate and graduate courses in learning technologies. She retired in 2017 as a full professor from William Paterson University in New Jersey where she was the director of their M.Ed. in Leaning Technologies program, and now teaches as an adjunct professor. She is World Cares Center’s instructional technology specialist and works as part of the Disaster Volunteerism Academy Curricula development team.

The WCC Team

Haiti Team

Mimi Douze

Ayiti Director

Myrlande Charles

Assistant Director

Denise Jules

Programs Manager

Yourie Dominique

Senior Advisor

Jeanky Fleuri

Jeremie Liaison

Dominique Jules