World Cares Center’s COVID-19 Response.

WCC has been responding to disasters in the U.S. and all over the world, once again this New York City-based non-profit World Cares Center (WCC) is on the front lines, now combating the COVID-19 crisis in its own backyard. With a surge in demand for its disaster preparedness expertise, WCC is delivering real-time guidance and an active network of volunteers to assist underrepresented groups in the New York metro area as they struggle to help their communities with the COVID-19 pandemic.

World Cares Center takes a community-focused approach to preparedness by training local groups and individuals to be ready when disaster strikes. “We’ve always believed that preparedness starts at home,” said Lisa Orloff, founder of World Cares Center. “We were created in the aftermath of 9/11 in New York, have responded to every local crisis and train people day in and day out. Now the greatest need is combatting COVID-19 and we are on the front-lines again.”

Disseminating information about the virus in languages people understand is critical, and WCC is working with NIH, OSHA, and subject matter experts to translate vital information for affected communities. Many low-income and marginalized New York residents are distrustful of government and run the risk of ignoring vital health and safety messages. By partnering with local community leaders to educate their constituents, WCC is helping those communities to dramatically reduced exposure and risk.

To date, World Cares Center has distributed and donated 22,000 N95 respirators, coveralls, and gloves from its own supplies to those on the front lines including healthcare workers and volunteers going door to door to feed homebound seniors.

WCC is also providing personal protective equipment (PPE) and training for service providers in critical situations including service workers active in elder care, home health care aids, janitors, and scores of others who need immediate support in different communities.

“Nurses and doctors themselves are directly reaching out to us for protection. When one caregiver finds out we are helping, we get three more calls,” continued Orloff. “These people need help now, and we are nimble enough to deliver it.”

Borne out of the 9/11 tragedy, WCC’s mission is to help at risk communities and prepare their citizens to emerge as Ready Responders with skills and knowledge to help save lives in a disaster or emergency. Free training is being offered through and a free operation and communications network is available at

World Cares Center is ready to do what it does best, to help communities through disaster. It needs your support to continue to help – this time to protect New York communities against the threat of COVID-19.

Thank you.