On December 10th and 11th a strong storm system swept the southern United States causing wide spread death and destruction HELP US SUPPORT Warm Hearts and Toes for Tornado Survivors in Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri and Kentucky HERE



Our vision is that every global citizen is educated, equipped and connected as a Ready Responder, able to help themselves and others when the worst happens in their community.

The WCC mission focuses on respect for the local leadership and the  capabilities of the local volunteers. WCC works within high-risk, underserved communities, working side by side with community leaders to deliver lifesaving training. When disaster strikes, we are there in the most vulnerable of times, as a trusted partner supporting efforts from behind the scenes alongside our local leaders, not in front of them. The result is a community prepared to prevent and respond to crises before outside resources arrive and ready to rebuild resiliently long after they have left.

WCC’s programs are built upon three pillars: education, communication, and practice. When combined, our participants can learn and practice their skills and acquire the resources needed to rebuild their disaster-struck communities into resilient neighborhoods. Making the right connections with our first responders and traditional response groups is an important component to our Whole of Community approach