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Help Ukraine

Your Donation Will Support Our Efforts to Provide Relief to Wartime Refugees

As the war in Ukraine grinds on without mercy, World Cares Center continues to work hard to increase its disaster relief efforts for the growing number innocent victims there.

Partnering with Barnova27, a Ukrainian humanitarian aid organization, our team has provided medical treatment in Ukrainian resettlement villages, conducted Resiliency Workshops for families and children, taught CPR and first aid to volunteers, and given “Train the Trainer” classes to disaster responders.

WCC has also distributed backpacks with emotional resiliency workbooks and supplies for children and provided support to the UNICEF program for transient children and families. We are in the process of translating the trainings of our online academy to Ukrainian.

We can accomplish all this and so much more with your help! Any size donation matters.

We are proud to be continue our partnership with Baranova27 and our local partners and give thanks to DRI Foundation for generously sponsoring a portion of the deployment.  Your help is needed to raise additional funds to meet our goals.

“The war in Ukraine has upended the lives of countless citizens ,” said Al Berman, DRI Foundation President. “As a force for resilience around the world, the DRI Foundation is honored to support World Cares Center in helping the refugees created from this conflict”

Your funds help:

Medical Clinics
The need for medical treatment and health clinics in the Ukraine remains critical. To address this, World Cares Center’s experienced medical team are working with our Ukrainian and New York partners including Johnson and Johnson’s MAP program. Funds are needed for supplemental medication, supplies and for travel and lodging.
In addition, World Cares Center has instituted a Train-the-Trainer program to ensure local volunteer groups can expand healing programs across Ukraine.

Children’s Grief Programs

World Cares Center, with two decades of experience in emotional resilience, mental health and art therapy, has created a guidebook for caregivers that includes a coloring book for affected children and a journal for young adults. These publications have been translated into several languages to help child survivors manage their trauma and grief. Funds are needed for publication and distribution in the US for Refugees and in Ukraine.

Essential Supplies

Ukrainian refugees left their homes at a moment’s notice, some with only the clothes on their backs. World Cares Center has partnered with Dollhouse to collecting new clothing from the fashion industry for distribution. Funds are needed to ship these donations to the shelters and aid centers in Ukraine.

Updates from the Field

Pre-Deployment Preparation Day

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

More Details:

Our approach is to care for the body and mind, helping internally displaced refugees heal emotionally and physically, Lisa Orloff, Founder and President, World Cares Center.

World Cares Center conducts desperately needed healing art workshops with children and families in resettlement villages in L’viv Ukraine in concert with its mobile medical clinics. Lisa Orloff, President of World Cares Center is the editor of the healing journal for children and guide for parents, created with a team of Art Therapists and Mental Health Professional. The guide is published in Ukraine and English and printed in Ukraine to support the local economy. You can view both guide and journal below.

Train the trainer sessions with the medical and mental health students we have connected with during our initial deployment are at the heart of our mission to leave behind knowledge and resources that empower the community to lead their own recovery.  Funds are needed to conduct the train the trainer sessions in concert with the provision of medical clinics, provide a stipend to the students for travel and food and support our local team leader. It is our goal to conduct  regular Train the Trainer sessions, provide supplies and support the teams locally.

Hope, Love, Courage for Caregivers & Youth Workbook

Donors receive a letter acknowledging their donation through WCC, a registered 501c3 with two decades of hyperlocal disaster management experience.