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Knowledge and Communications Center

Education and Communication Combined

Ready Responders hold regular day jobs and live normal lives. But disaster strikes, they are prepared to help themselves, their neighbors, and their colleagues to recover and emerge stronger and more resilient. World Cares Center has combined two of its most powerful free tools into a one-stop resource to support Ready Responders locally and globally.

The Ready Responders Network™ (RRN) was conceptualized and initially implemented in 2012 as a project to facilitate cross-sector cooperation and communication.

The RRN site has since served as a virtual emergency operations center that engages and empowers individuals and communities working together to become resilient in the wake of disaster and crisis. The site offers resources, facilitates discussion, and allows for relationship building, connecting traditional response agencies, and corporations to individuals and hyperlocal communities. During times of crisis, the RRN provides a virtual outlet for experts not involved on-scene to provide advice and subject matter assistance to those on the scene.

In 2015 World Cares Center launched its Disaster Volunteerism Academy an online portal housing more than 40 training courses offered free of charge 24/7 365 days a year. 

In the fall of 2023 World Cares Center will launch the new and improved Knowledge and Communications Center, combining the resources from the RRN and the Disaster Volunteerism Academy into one platform. Improvements being made include a single sign-on, intuitive functionality, and a Collaborative Disaster Volunteer Credential.

Until the launch, please visit the current training portal.