On December 10th and 11th a strong storm system swept the southern United States causing wide spread death and destruction HELP US SUPPORT Warm Hearts and Toes for Tornado Survivors in Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri and Kentucky HERE


Volunteers are essential to World Care Center’s mission and reach! Check out our list of areas that we need help in and use the “contact us” form to sign up. We are very interested in speaking with you and appreciate your interest in us!

HELP IN THE OFFICE: Do you have experience in research, grant writing, editing, marketing or events management?  Have you ever wanted to be a trainer, helping your community become better prepared? We have positions open for those interest in working with the team behind the scenes!


World Cares Center has several boards and committees, and those interested in helping the organization grow can join. The board of directors guides the organization’s development and ensures its sustainability through governance and fundraising. The NEXT GEN board consists of young leaders who support World Cares Center’s mission through outreach and fundraising. We also have several committees, including outreach and communication.

START A FUNDRAISER: World Cares Center is a small organization. It depends on our volunteers to help us with fundraising initiatives. Our team is here to help create social media posts and provide you with the links needed to raise critical funds for everything from training costs to personal protective equipment.

BE A  MATCH MAKER: Yes, be a matchmaker, local leaders, and there would be disaster volunteers are critical to ensuring that communities can meet the needs of their constituents that suffer from the impact of disasters in crisis. World Cares Center ensured local leaders are trained as Disaster Managers and their constituents know how to respond as Disaster Volunteers so they respond safely and effectively and are connected to the resources to help communities recover. Please make the match and introduce us to the groups you are involved with. The training is free of charge and offered in person, online or via ZOOM.

MAKE A DONATION: Have limited time? Your donation, no matter what the amount is greatly appreciated and critical to delivering our services to those in need and those who serve. Keep in mind that we train and protect our ready responders -those who reach out and help others in their greatest time of need.

FOLLOW US: Are you a social media influencer or active on the web? Please follow our activities and sign up for our newsletter. Re-posting our messages will help spread the word and ensure everyone has the training and resources they need to be ready responder.

STARS UNDER THE STARS: Come and party for a purpose at our annual fundraising event! Save the date, be a sponsor, and purchase a ticket.

NOMINATE A HERO:  If you know someone who has helped save or helpedsomeone as a disaster volunteer, you can nominate them for the World Cares Center Stars Award