What We Do

World Cares Center’s mission is to build capacity from within high-risk, vulnerable communities and to empower the citizens who step away from the comfort of their everyday lives to help others during times of crisis. By nature of living where a disaster strikes, the constituents of an impacted area are always the first, first-responders onsite. WCC believes that resiliency develops within communities by preparing citizens to respond to disasters and mitigate their inherent risks, thereby reducing human and economic asset loss upon impact.

Through the Disaster Volunteerism Academy, WCC offers curriculums online and in classroom-like settings that are tailored towards specific demographics, free of charge. Beginning with an individual and family readiness training, which serves as a foundation for preparedness and risk mitigation, WCC’s courses allow all individuals to become well-versed in disaster response and volunteerism. Local leaders are trained to serve as disaster volunteer managers and develop community response plans, and citizens are empowered to emerge as disaster volunteers.

World Cares Center also offers an information sharing system that is fundamental in furthering community resiliency before and in the wake of a disaster. The Ready Responders Network, also known as the RRN, is a critical component of our organization. Serving as a virtual emergency operations center, the RRN allows for an exchange of problem-solving solutions, the sharing of resources and the ability to request for additional support.

Our third foundational program transforms knowledge into action through a Ready Responders Boots on the Ground Exercise, engaging community volunteers to practice their response and recovery skills through a simulated disaster. When disaster occurs, World Cares Center is at the Ready and deploys to support hyper-local community coordination.

Our Mission