On December 10th and 11th a strong storm system swept the southern United States causing wide spread death and destruction HELP US SUPPORT Warm Hearts and Toes for Tornado Survivors in Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri and Kentucky HERE

What We Do

World Cares Center’s (WCC) mission is to reduce the harm, suffering, and loss caused by disasters by empowering underserved, at-risk communities to prevent everyday accidents and react as educated and skilled ready responders when disasters and crises occur.

Founded in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks, World Cares Center operates based upon the reality that local citizens are truly the “first, first responders” after a catastrophe. All community members–citizens, leaders, and local government officials–have something to contribute when a crisis occurs, and it is our commitment to train them to do so in a safe, effective and coordinated manner.

Comprehensive Training and Services Education

  • In the classroom and in the field – WCC provides ongoing safety and disaster response training to individuals, groups, and local government. Lessons offered range from comprehensive flood safety and response, including mucking and gutting operations, to emotional resiliency that supports the mental and emotional well-being of disaster volunteers and survivors.
  • Disaster Volunteerism Academy (DVA) – Through the Disaster Volunteerism Academy, WCC offers a curriculum online and in classroom-like settings tailored towards specific demographics, free of charge. Beginning with individual and family readiness training, which serves as a foundation for preparedness and risk mitigation, WCC’s courses allow all individuals to become well-versed in disaster response and volunteerism. Local leaders are trained to serve as disaster volunteer managers and develop community response plans, and citizens are empowered to emerge as disaster volunteers.


  • Ready Responders Network (RRN) – A virtual emergency operations center that connects individuals during times of disaster, allowing them to share updates, request resources, and/or offer support. During times of crisis, when coordination between experts and on-the-ground volunteers is imperative, RRN allows lines of communication to remain accessible by all participants, at any time, free of charge.


  • The Ready Responders Network Boots on The Ground Exercise (RRN BOG) – The RRN BOG is a unique physical disaster simulation that provides opportunities for citizens and hyper-local leaders of at-risk communities to come together to practice disaster response skills, leadership roles, and collaboration with experienced agencies and municipalities. We successfully launched the first RRN BOG exercise in May 2018.
  • Deployment Support – From 9/11/2001, Hurricane Katrina, the 2015 Haitian earthquake, Hurricane Irene (2011), Superstorm Sandy (2012) to,  Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria (2017), to most recently the 2021 Haitian earthquake and Hurricanes Grace and Ida, WCC deployed to support the local community response.

Our Mission