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World Cares Center in Ukraine

The United Nation estimates that about one in five people in conflict settings have a mental health condition. The situation in Ukraine is no exception. In a study published by the Lancet Journal, an estimated 22% of the Ukrainian population living in areas affected by conflict will, sometime during the next 10 years, likely have some form of mental health challenge—with one in 10 suffering from a moderate or severe condition like depression with suicidal behavior or psychosis.

People with pre-existing mental health conditions who previously relied on public mental health and social care are facing additional challenges in accessing the services they need. However, there is no one in Ukraine untouched by anxiety or sadness, difficulty sleeping, fatigue, anger and unexplained somatic symptoms.

These are all normal reactions to abnormal situations, and for most people these symptoms do improve over time, especially if they can meet their basic needs and access social support.


World Cares Center’s Impact

At the beginning of the war in Ukraine, World Cares Center immediately implemented a Ukraine Service Providers Roundtable to prompt a discussion and collaboration amongst agencies supporting incoming refugees. The Roundtable continues to be a source of support today, connecting groups to funding and services, as well as providing our resiliency workbooks to guide children and their parents through grief and trauma.

In July of 2022, WCC’s team deployed to Lviv and set up “MedPut’s” (loosely translated as Medical Clinics) in six refugee camps. Our team provided medical care for all refugees including specialty care for women and children. In addition to our own MedPut’s, WCC donated and delivered medication, supplies, new clothing and art therapy booklets to our Ukrainian partners on the ground in Lviv and beyond.

Our resiliency specialists also developed a healing journal for children and guide for parents from our original 9/11 Band Aid For Healing coloring book, which has been translated into several languages to help child survivors of disasters manage their trauma and grief. The combination of providing both medical care and resiliency workshops proved successful, as the trust that was built and services that were provided promoted healing among those who participated. World Cares Center delivered workshops for families and children and distributed close to 1,000 healing materials.

WCC’s team deployments continue to offer checkups to those we treated in 2022 as well as provide medical care and resiliency workshops to additional refugees. During this trip in April [we are working with local NGO’s and universities to provide Train the Trainer sessions to expand our resiliency work by empowering Ukrainian students and providers to deliver the program.


Funds are needed to support and expand this program as the war continues and its gruesome impact grows.

Please join our list of generous sponsors, including Johnson & Johnson, Direct Relief, OAT NY, Dollhouse, Alfred Dunner, and the many private donors.

Your funds help:

Medical Clinics
The need for medical treatment and health clinics in the Ukraine remains critical. To address this, World Cares Center’s experienced medical team are working with our Ukrainian and New York partners including Johnson and Johnson’s MAP program. Funds are needed for supplemental medication, supplies and for travel and lodging.
In addition, World Cares Center has instituted a Train-the-Trainer program to ensure local volunteer groups can expand healing programs across Ukraine.

Children’s Grief Programs

World Cares Center, with two decades of experience in emotional resilience, mental health and art therapy, has created a guidebook for caregivers that includes a coloring book for affected children and a journal for young adults. These publications have been translated into several languages to help child survivors manage their trauma and grief. Funds are needed for publication and distribution in the US for Refugees and in Ukraine.

Essential Supplies

Ukrainian refugees left their homes at a moment’s notice, some with only the clothes on their backs. World Cares Center has partnered with Dollhouse to collecting new clothing from the fashion industry for distribution. Funds are needed to ship these donations to the shelters and aid centers in Ukraine.

Donors receive a letter acknowledging their donation through WCC, a registered 501c3 with two decades of hyperlocal disaster management experience.


16 years after Hurricane Katrina made landfall, cities along the Gulf Coast of Louisiana were devastated by Hurricane Ida. The Category 4 storm, with winds up to 150 mph, made landfall near Port Fourchon, destroying buildings, knocking out power, and causing widespread flash flooding.

World Cares Center has worked in New Orleans and Baton Rouge since the Katrina Relief effort continuing to support local
recovery efforts by providing FREE SAFETY AND RECOVERY TRAINING, SUPPLIES, AND PPE to communities.

World Cares Center has also responded to other recent disasters, including the 2021 Haitian Earthquake, and COVID-19.

Now more than ever, these communities need support from people like you to help their recovery and so our Ready Responders can stay safe while serving disaster survivors.