On December 10th and 11th a strong storm system swept the southern United States causing wide spread death and destruction HELP US SUPPORT Warm Hearts and Toes for Tornado Survivors in Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri and Kentucky HERE


Help Ukraine Now!

World Cares Center is working with boots on the ground groups in Ukraine who have spontaneously emerged to help their community and have been vetted for the incredible impact they are making. These efforts happen on a shoestring budget and every penny counts. WCC is coordinating efforts, training and deploying medical teams, and delivering resources.

Your funds help:

We are setting up Medical Clinics within two shelters, one in LVIV and one in KIEV. Funds support clinic set up, coordination of medical teams, travel, lodging and medical supplies

Band Aid For Healing is a children’s coloring book first distributed during the 9-11-2001 Relief Effort and subsequently translated into several languages to help child survivors manage their trauma and grief. World Cares Center is sending books and crayons for the children of Ukraine

We are delivering select supplies: Medication, tactical tourniquets, new clothing and art therapy booklets and crayons to help children process their grief. Funds go to purchase, pack, and transport these items.

Donors receive a letter acknowledging their donation through WCC, a registered 501c3 with two decades of hyperlocal disaster management experience.


On August 29th—exactly 16 years after Hurricane Katrina made landfall—cities along the Gulf Coast of Louisiana were devastated by category 4
Hurricane Ida. Hurricane Ida made landfall near Port Fourchon, Louisiana early Sunday afternoon as a critically dangerous category 4 hurricane with
winds of 150 mph—destroying buildings, knocking out power, and causing widespread flash flooding.

World Cares Center has worked in New Orleans and Baton Rouge since the Katrina Relief effort.  World Cares Center has continued to support local
recovery efforts by providing FREE SAFETY AND RECOVERY TRAINING, SUPPLIES, AND PPE to communities since 2005.

World Cares Center is responding to concurrent disasters including the 2021 Haitian Earthquake,  Hurricane Ida in Louisiana, and COVID-19.

Now more than ever, these communities need support from people like you to help their recovery and so our Ready Responders can stay safe while serving disaster survivors.