On December 10th and 11th a strong storm system swept the southern United States causing wide spread death and destruction HELP US SUPPORT Warm Hearts and Toes for Tornado Survivors in Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri and Kentucky HERE



The Ready Responder Books on the Ground Excerise was Developed.

World Cares Center has addressed the need for training, but training alone is not enough. We must practice the skills that we have learned before a disaster in a safe yet realistically simulated environment, and allow relationships to be forged that will be actualized when disasters strike. Launching in May 2018, our newest program, the Boots on the Ground exercise, engages community members who have taken WCC’s trainings, and allows them to put their lessons learned and response capabilities to the test. While these exercises are common among military and municipal agencies, they are not traditionally accessible to hyperlocal constituents and community groups that WCC supports.

The Boots on the Ground exercise presents a unique opportunity for federal government entities, faith-based groups, not-for-profits and the private sector to collaborate to create a seamless disaster resilient community.

“Give survivors a bottle of water, and they drink for a day. Give them the tools to coordinate their own recovery and they can rebuild their lives, their community, and be prepared for future crisis.

From 9-11-2001 to the Haitian Earthquake, Hurricanes Harvey, Maria and every disaster in between, World Cares Center stands behind and beside the local community by providing training, personal protective equipment, and coordinative support as we help survivors recover.

Support us as we continue our mission in empowering the most underserved, at-risk communities across the United States and abroad to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters.

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